AutoSLM (Custom: Class 1 or 2)

Product Information

By combining the powerful CR300 Campbell Scientific datalogger and a handheld Sound Level Meter (Class 1 or 2) from Larson Davis, taking remote sound level readings using the AutoSLM is easy.

With the option for remote and automated readings the AutoSLM avoids needing to revisit job sites to download data.

The AutoSLM is an ideal solution to monitoring noise related to construction activity. The system has a proven track record and has been used on many past and on-going projects – particularly in dense urban environments.

Product Features

  • Compatible with:
    • Larson Davis SoundTrack LxT (Class 1 & Class 2)
    • Center C322 (Class 2)
    • and others upon demand
  • Optional extended cable for free field microphone installation
  • Meets the ANSI S1.4 Type 2 and IEC651 Type 2 standards
  • Auto ranging between 30 and 130 dB
  • Time weighting selectable between Fast and Slow
  • Frequency weighting selectable between A and C
  • Accuracy: +/-1.5 dB
  • Meets and exceeds published measurement specifications and has been calibrated by the manufacturer using standards traceable to the NIST (individual calibration available at extra charge upon request)
  • The SLM is non-integrating, all integrating and calculations are done on-board the CR300 datalogger
  • Ability to calculating and outputting multiple of parameters including Lmax, Leq and Ln at multiple of intervals (for example 15-min, 60-min and or 8-hour) simultaneously.
  • The system is fully programmable and output of other parameters can be added upon request
  • Data files are in Campbell Scientific “table format”
  • Systems can include a cellular modem or radio so that data can be retrieved wirelessly, remotely and automatically
  • Data can be pushed directly to the monitoring software for real-time display, reporting and alarm checking
  • All data are stored on the datalogger’s ring memory so no data are lost if communication fails
  • Rugged & weatherproof enclosure


AutoSLM – Datasheet