Auto-Level Tribrach

  • Auto-Level Tribrach is designed to specifically for use with AMTS and total station units. Rugged and stable design; they are intended to be installed in outdoor environments.

Auto-Level Tribrach for Automated Motorized Total Stations (AMTS)

Specto Technology carries stock of Auto-Level Survey Tribrach. It is designed specifically for use with AMTS and total station units.


  • Leveling range of +/- 12 gon
  • Continuous leveling with an accuracy of 10 mgon
  • Automatically levels devices with weight up to 22lbs
  • Waterproof housing of all components including the servomotors, adjustment units, inclinometers and measuring and control electronics
  • Proven use cases for auto leveling of  Topcon, Sokkia, Leica and Trimble Total Stations


  • Easy to install
  • Low power consumption
  • Rugged and stable design; intended to be installed in outdoor environment
  • Saves time; no need to revisit the jobsite to re-level the instrument


  • For use with AMTS units that are mounted on structures that have the potential to move
  • Designed to fit all AMTS units (Topcon, Sokkia, Leica, Trimble, etc.)



Additional Information on Auto-Level Tribrach

  • The Auto-Level Tribrach is fastened to a stand or platform with a central retaining screw 5/8".
  • Orientation of the horizontal axes is possible via notch markings.
  • The theodolite or total station is placed in the tripod positively centered and locked in position.
  • The power supply of the Auto-Level Tribrach is done via an connection cable either to an optional available 12 V rechargeable battery (EB-12) or to a power pack (NE-12/2A).
  • The Auto-Level Tribrach requires no special maintenance. It should, however, be protected from strong dirt.