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Wireless Tilt Monitoring

Product Information

We are proud to provide you with:

  • Tilt Monitoring Equipment Sales and Support
  • Customized training for you and/or your subcontractors. Click here to view a list of training classes.
  • Best-in-class hosted data solutions to keep your data moving wirelessly from the field to your fingertips
  • Exceptional customer service and support

Automated Tilt Monitoring is made simple with the WASP Datalogger. Combined with Monitoring software, simple sensors may be automated to allow remote transfer of data from the field to the office.

Features & Benefits

  • Tiltmeter accurately measures inclination on structures
  • WASP Datalogger collects data and transmits to the web once or twice per day
  • Read one biaxial or two uniaxial tiltmeters per logger
  • Ability to read tiltmeter’s built-in thermistor
  • 5 year battery life (with daily upload)
  • Rugged IP66 (NEMA4) WASP housing
  • Fully potted electronics protect WASP from water ingress
  • Rugged, stainless steel tiltmeter may be uniaxial or biaxial
  • Setup, configuration and automated download via web portal
  • Compatible with web-based monitoring softwares (including
  • Plug-and-play installation (no on-site setup required)
  • Proven technology (more than 5000 already deployed worldwide)
  • Low subscription cost

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