Loadsensing Gateway Solar Kit (large)

Product Information

Specto offers solar kits to power Worldsensing’s wireless LoRa Gateway. These rugged, reliable kits, provide a 48V power source via Power over Ethernet to the remote monitoring station. Two size options are available to cover a broad range of conditions and requirements (like backup battery time, solar exposure, data upload, etc.) The sturdy enclosures are designed to be mounted on a wall or pole and are built to withstand all weather elements. 

Product Features

  • High capacity/quality MPTT charge controller
  • Cables included (20ft solar panel cable, 10ft ethernet cable)
  • On-site battery capacity, voltage input/output monitoring
  • Pad-lockable latch
  • 150W Solar Panel w/ Pole Mount
  • 20ft Extension Cable for Solar Panel
  • Solar Controller 20Amp (bluetooth enabled)
  • Circuit breakers
  • Aluminum Enclosure
  • Deep cycle LiFePO4 battery, 12V, 100Ah
  • PoE Injector with 10ft ethernet cable to Gateway
  • Assembled & tested to ensure hassle-free installation
  • **Estimated battery capacity = 10 days**


  • Quick setup time due to plug-and-play configuration
  • Modular design gives added flexibility
  • Highly efficient, lightweight battery
  • Ideal for long-term, outdoor monitoring projects


Worldsensing Gateway Solar Kit (Large) Datasheet