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  • The Mission OS Software Suite is by far the most powerful platform for displaying and interpreting instrumentation, construction and engineering data on the web.

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The Mission OS software suite is by far the most powerful platform for displaying and interpreting instrumentation, construction and engineering data on the web.  Developed by Maxwell Geosystems, Mission OS can accept data from virtually any instrument type, from Geotechnical & Structural Sensors to Tunnel Boring Machines.

Mission OS has been used as an integral part of the construction process on many large and small scale projects all around the world. Engineers have consistently relied upon data stored and presented by Mission OS to make key project management and engineering decisions. Quite simply, Mission OS gathers as much data as possible and then uses computer power to process it, dissect it and deliver it in an easily digestible format. It’s the perfect marriage of I.T. knowhow and many years of engineering experience.

Mission OS brings a lot of dispersed information together and connects it into a single, powerful ‘active data environment.’  It’s this concentration of data that makes the system so effective. The Mission Portal helps focus team members on tasks at hand and provides the necessary support data to contextualise specific issues.

Mission Portal Features:

  • An individual instrument that requires attention is clearly shown on a map
  • Construction data can be overlaid, giving an indication of current activity nearby and historic data can be displayed on a graph showing previous data patterns on a clear timeline
  • Photographs can be added clearly showing current on-the-ground conditions
  • Armed with this information, engineers can make informed decisions or quickly link with colleagues to help with analysis
  • All of this activity can be undertaken from a single screen with a web connection- it’s a powerful combination

Product Features

  • Cloud hosted means no drain on your IT resources
  • Web based means no management of desktop software is required
  • Powerful, customizable reporting features
  • Instant email alerts
  • Geo-referenced maps allow spatial representation of data
  • Highly-granular user permissions
  • Accepts and manages Instrumentation data from any data acquisition source, including:
    • Seismographs
    • Survey total stations
    • Geotechnical & Structural sensors
    • Environmental sensors
  • Accepts and manages Construction Data, including:
    • Construction progress
    • Shift reports
    • Tunnel Boring Machine data
    • Pre-construction reports
    • Contract documents

Product Benefits

  • Allows real-time display of data on the web
  • Creates a comprehensive project database
  • Multiple jobs to be run on a single license
  • Facilitates observational engineering practices
  • May be customized to suite any kind of project
  • No physical servers or IT experience required

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