Photo DB Software

Product Information

Computerized pre-construction survey report generation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Computerized pre-construction survey report generation
  • Store and document digital survey photographs in a project based database
  • Simple, user friendly interface that can be learned quickly
  • Compatible with photographs taken with the digital cameras
  • Information on location and conditions may be enter one-by-one or in bulk
  • Each photograph may be rotated to fit the report style
  • Proven to work with large volume reports (in excess of 1000 photographs)
  • Reports consists of annotated photographs and table of descriptions
  • Each page may be automatically and quickly formatted to contain 1, 2 or 4 photographs by selecting an option
  • Report may be previewed on screen before printing in PDF format
  • Significantly simplifies & speeds-up pre-construction survey report production


PhotoDB – Summary Sheet