Auto-Meteo Atmospheric Sensor

Product Information

  • Automated Motorized Total Stations (AMTS) uses an optical laser sensor to monitoring position.
  • To assist with correcting AMTS measurements, Specto Technology developed the Auto-Meteo, a simple, effective, atmospheric sensor and datalogger that can be easily integrated with an AMTS.
  • The Auto-Meteo measures the meteorological parameters (temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity) needed to do real-time atmospheric corrections to automated survey data.
  • It was designed to take advantage of the usually empty ethernet port on the same modem used to control an Automated Total Station.
  • The simple design and small size allow the Auto-Meteo to be integrated in to any AMTS installation with little to no modification of the typical install means and methods.


  • Measures temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity measurement
  • Communication over ethernet/TCP IP
  • Radiation field
  • Low power consumption
  • 4m sensor cable
  • Magnetic sensor mount
  • Small size


  • Compatible with most M2M modems used with AMTS
  • Compatible with built in MicroUSB power supply included in Specto AMTS Y-Cable
  • Data may be imported into various AMTS management software, including Navstar’s GeoExplorer and Leica’s GeoMoS
  • Easy to install
  • Increases accuracy of AMTS measurements through real-time atmospheric corrections


Auto-Meteo Datasheet


AutoMeteo Manual