AMTS Security Cover

Includes conical drill bits to make holes in plastic tube and security screw package

Product Information

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Protect your Automated Motorized Total Station (AMTS) with this security cover.  The cover may be mounted either to a horizontal surface (parapet or top of column) or Specto can provide a custom wall-mounting bracket.

Once monitoring locations are set and installed, use a conical drill bit to put various sized holes in the cylindrical tube to allow the AMTS to shoot through to the monitoring prisms. The system includes all hardware required (conical drill bits, aluminum lid, steel mounting bars).


  • Opaque plastic tube
  • Allows good ventilation of AMTS
  • Unbreakable plastic
  • Easily mounted to walls or pillars



  • Reduces the risk of theft or vandalism
  • Only a small viewing cut-out required for sight lines
  • Suitable for all models of total station


  • Structural monitoring
  • Settlement monitoring


AMTS Security Cover Datasheet