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Training Program: Introduction to Campbell Scientific Data Loggers

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Introduction to Campbell Scientific Data Loggers

This one-day course is geared toward installers and field operators of Campbell Scientific data loggers and equipment.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to what a datalogger is
  • Where it fits into an automated data acquisition system
  • How it interacts with sensors to record electronic signals, transposes those signals to engineering units, and stores or transfers that information.
  • How to connect a PC to a datalogger and use the LoggerNet software
  • Tutorial on LoggerNet software including the use of Network Planner, Device Configuration Utility, and Shortcut to set up and program the datalogger to make measurements on a thermocouple and at least one other type of sensor.
  • For a truly hands-on experience, each attendee will have the sole use of a laptop computer and a CR6 datalogger during the course.

PDH Credits Available

**PDH Professional Credits Available**

Specto’s popular Training Courses are eligible for PDH (Professional Development Hours) credits and allows attendees to claim 6 PDH credits.

Other perks of attendance include a “Swag Bag” of useful Instantel & Specto Technology goodies. We also provide lunch and snacks.

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