Topcon Solar Power Kit (standard)

This system has been designed to power a Topcon AMTS with Delta-Link in locations where moderate solar exposure is available. It comprises of 2 x solar panels and 2 x batteries.

– 2 x 150W 24V Solar Panels
– Pole Mount kit for solar panels
– Solar Controller 20Amp (bluetooth enabled)
– 20ft Extension Cable for Solar Panel
– 15ft power cable to Delta Link with molded connector
– Circuit breakers & jumper cables
– Aluminum Battery Enclosure
– 2 x 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 deep cycle batteries wired in series (for 24V output)
– 12V-24V transformer
– cables, assembly & testing
(customer to provide appropriate mounting hardware for solar panel bracket and enclosure – e.g. U-bolts, lag bolts, anchor bolts)
**Example backup capacity: 50 x prisms read ever 2hrs = 12-days battery backup**

Product Information