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Piezometers from Specto Technology

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Piezometers (electrical resistance or vibrating wire) are designed for accurate and long term pore water pressure measurement in fully or partially saturated soil and rock.

This is particularly useful in measuring slope stability, safe placement rate of fill or excavation, design and build for lateral or uplift pressures or buoyancy, monitoring the performance of earth-fill dams and embankments, groundwater, seepage and verify models of flow, monitor surface water run-off, water levels at contaminated sites etc.

Both Vibrating Wire or Electrical piezometers are robust, have excellent long term stability and can be used with long cable lengths without any signal degradation.

The piezometer comprises a porous filter tip element (high or low air entry) integral with a diaphragm type pressure transducer. A cable connects the transducer to a read-out, terminal unit or data-logger and the data is then recorded and converted to engineering units.

Piezometers are installed in different ways depending on the application and soil condition. Typically, they are installed in fully grouted boreholes (or surrounded by a sand filter) at the desired depth (a bentonite plug may be formed above the sand filter, if present, and the remainder of the borehole is filled with a bentonite-cement grout).

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Product Features

  • Small diameter device, accurate and small with excellent long term stability
  • Accuracy unaffected by cable length
  • Fast response to pressure changes
  • Piezometer water level indicator
  • Manufactured from high grade 316 stainless steel for extended operation
  • Hermetically sealed, ensures long working life of the instrument
  • Advanced design prevents case stresses from affecting readings
  • Connecting cable is strong, screened, flexible and can be used in lengths in excess of 1000m
  • Over-voltage surge arrestor fitted to protect against electrical damage
  • Electrical resistance sensors output mA signal
  • Vibrating wire sensors output frequency signal
  • Compatible with WASP and Campbell dataloggers for easy automation
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