ARGUS Monitoring Software

Product Information

ARGUS Monitoring Software is a powerful web-based data management, calculation, reporting and presentation tool. It provides a reliable and cost-efficient method for processing and monitoring ASCII files with numerical data. ARGUS will handle all data processing requirements, starting with storage of data into a MySQL database, performing the required calculations on the data, presenting the results in graphical and numerical format; generate alarm messages, creating automated PDF reports and much more. ARGUS Monitoring Software is server based. Users interact with the software using their web-browser. Working with ARGUS is therefore platform-independent and can be accomplished from the local network or when connected to the Internet, from any location in the world. The most distinctive feature of ARGUS is its ability to store ‘raw’ data in the database and present the calculated results ‘on-the-fly’ to the user. This ensures that the presented results are always up-to-date so that a change in the calculation method or the raw data is instantly visible. With a long proven track record in projects worldwide including the World Trade Center, No. 7 Subway Extension and 2nd Avenue Subway projects in New York City, ARGUS is fully scalable for small projects with tens-of-sensors as well as major projects with thousands-of-sensors. ARGUS is the best way to share monitoring data with your colleagues and clients. Additional information is given in the article that appeared in the quarterly publication of Geotechnical Instrumentation News (GIN) in March of 2011.

Product Features

  • Server based and no software is installed on user’s computer
  • External hosting available
  • Highly configurable to suit specific project requirements
  • Reliable and cost efficient method for processing and monitoring ASCII files with numerical data
  • Handles all data processing requirements
  • Generates alarm messages – can configure up to 4 alarm levels per sensor
  • Creates multiple automated PDF reports
  • Password protected access with 3 main levels of user privileges
  • Multiple projects with company logo’s and start-up logos
  • Multiple views of the project
  • Build complex formulas with references to any sensor in the project
  • Addins/plug-ins add project specific functionality like accelerometer, inclinometer, data analysis
  • Support for multiple languages

Product Benefits

  • No software installation required
  • Provides a reliable and cost-efficient method for processing and monitoring ASCII files with numerical data
  • Imports from almost any data acquisition system
  • No limit to the number of sensors that can be processed
  • Allows access to data from multiple users at any time from any internet-connected PC
  • Data can be protected using different user permission levels
  • Can send automated alarms on pre-set trigger levels
  • Allows the input of manual data


ARGUS – End User License Agreement
ARGUS – Datasheet


ARGUS – Manual