Aeroqual Indoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro)


  • The Aeroqual Indoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro) is for consultants and air quality professionals who want a full set of tools to measure indoor pollutants.

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Series 500 Monitor base with LCD digital display, Lithium battery and charger, in-built datalogger, monitor to USB cable, PC software.
Particulate Matter Sensor PM10 / PM2.5
Carbon Monoxide Sensor 0-100ppm
Carbon Dioxide Sensor 0-5000ppm
PID Sensor 0-20ppm
Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Large Carry Case



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Product Details

Product Details

Aeroqual Indoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro) from Specto Technology

The Indoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro) features Aeroqual’s proven Series 500 portable monitor that can be used to measure a range of pollutants by simply swapping the sensor heads for the pollutant you wish to monitor. The kit includes the following sensors: particulate matter sensor (PM2.5/PM10), three indoor pollutant gas sensors (CO, CO2, VOC), and a combined temperature and relative humidity sensor.

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