Item Description
Vaisala-WXT520-Weather-Sensor-580x580.jpg Weather Station Ultrasonic weather station to measure for wind speed and direction and other parameters
EM2030-01-600x600-1.jpg Noise Monitor Class 1 Sound Level Monitor with weather proof microphone
Screen-Shot-2020-12-15-at-8.54.38-AM.png Vibration Monitor ISEE Standard Seismograph with Triaxial Geophone
image002-e1586469464907-2.jpg PTZ Camera High definition camera with infrared motion detection
Gravimetric-Instruments.jpg Gravimetric Analysis Collection of gravimetric samples using 47 mm filter
VOC-monitoring-techniques-e1707315876351.jpg SUMMA Canister Sampling Remotely trigger SUMMA canister gas samples for laboratory analysis
How-to-Connect-a-Solar-System-to-the-Aeroqual-AQS1-or-Dust-Sentry-Monitor-e1604684493322.jpg Custom Integration 4 – 20 mA and digital inputs/output for custom instrumentation integration (Mercury Analyzer, Black Carbon) and control of process equipment