Water Level Meters

  • Ideal for measuring static water levels in wells, boreholes and standpipes. Carry bag to protect your water level meter from the elements




Product Information

Product Information

Water Level Meters from Specto Technology

Specto Technology is proud to offer you ​Durham Geo Water Level Indicators Ideal for measuring water levels in wells, boreholes and standpipes.

Product Features

  • Water Level Indicator consists of a probe, a cable, and a cable reel.
  • Convenient Cable is easy to handle and winds up neatly on the reel.
  • Steel conductors provide strength and excellent dimensional stability.
  • Laser-Marked Graduations are as durable as the cable itself.
  • English unit cables have 0.01 foot graduations.
  • Metric-unit cables have 2 mm marks.
  • Sturdy Reel is built for years of daily use. It features bronze bearings and aluminum plate sides.
  • Small Diameter Probe (9.5 mm – 3/8″) easily fits into most standpipes and wells. Weight can be attached to the probe tip.
  • The hub of the cable reel contains batteries, electronics, a bright LED lamp, and a beeper.

Product Benefits

  • Graduations are marked with laser and connot be rubbed off.
  • LED and Beeper provide a positive indication of contact with water.
  • Sensitivity Control provides consistent results in different well and water conditions and helps eliminates false triggering.
  • Test Button checks the batteries, beeper, and LED.
  • Battery Cover provides easy access to two AA batteries. Low power circuits provide excellent battery life.

Typical Applications Include

  • Durham Geo’s Water Level Indicators are used to measure water levels in standpipes, boreholes, and wells.
  • After being lowered into a standpipe or well and the probe contacts the surface of the water, the LED illuminates and the beeper sounds.
  • The operator then reads the depth-to-water measurement from graduations on the cable.
Helpful Videos

Helpful Videos