Sisgeo MEMS Tilt Sensors

Sisgeo MEMS Tilt Sensors

Compact and rugged housing. Fully potted sensor gives excellent water resistance

Inexpensive and simple method for monitoring the rotation of structures



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MEMS Tiltmeters offer an inexpensive and simple method for monitoring the rotation of structures. Utilizing new self-compensated MEMS tilt sensors within a rugged housing, high accuracy, excellent stability and negligible temperature effects are achieved.

The tiltmeter may be either a dual axis tilt sensor or a single axis tilt sensor and is fixed to a structure using anchor bolts. The tilt angle sensor can be read by dataloggers to give a fully automated data acquisition system.

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Product Features

  • Measuring ranges include ±2.5°, ±5°, ±10°
  • Signal output 4-20mA
  • Easy to automate data acquisition using WASP or Campbell dataloggers
  • Fully potted sensor gives excellent water resistance
  • Compact and rugged housing
Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

Wireless Tilt Monitoring