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Sisgeo mA Piezometer

Product Information

Sisgeo mA Piezometer from Specto Technology

The Specto Technology team is proud to provide you with the Sisgeo mA Piezometer series, very accurate pressure transducers suitable for high frequency readings and short term applications. Their robust 4-20mA output signals are easy to read and automate with OMNIAlog and suitable for long-distance transmissions. They can be connected to seismic dataloggers for monitoring rapid changes in pore-water pressure such as those produced by earthquakes.

Product Features

  • High accuracy and stability
  • Compatible with most readout/logger in the market
  • Built-in thermistor (on request)
  • Capable of reading negative pressures


  • Pore pressure in deep excavations
  • Dynamic pore pressure monitoring
  • Dewatering activities
  • Hydraulic gradients in natural or cut slope