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Met One MSO Weather Sensor

Product Information

Met One MSO Weather Sensor from Specto Technology

Specto Technology is proud to offer the Met One MSO Weather Sensor,  an integrated 5-parameter Weather Station featuring rugged all metal housing.


  • Wind Speed and Wind Direction are measured using conventional cup and vane techniques.
  • All other measurements are housed in a multi-plate naturally aspirated radiation shield to reduce solar radiation errors.
  • The temperature sensor is a platinum RTD class 1/3B. Relative humidity is a based on our very accurate solid state sensor designed for continuous exposure to adverse climates.
  • The barometric pressure sensor is a piezo-resistive device designed for robustness, high accuracy needs, as well as long term stability.
  • Offers SDI12, RS232, RS485 outputs.
  • Utilizes Met One 7500 Protocol.
  • Features Integrated Mount and 50ft Cable.
  • Compatible with the following Aeroqual products:
    • AQM 65 compact air quality station
    • Dust Sentry dust and particulate monitor
    • Dust Profiler dust and particulate counter


  • Shield is constructed of a series of concentric white aluminum plates, which allow air to fl ow through the shield, while blocking direct solar rays
  • Digital outputs are presented as a data stream every second, or upon command by data system
  • Designed for robustness, high accuracy needs, as well as long term stability


  • Ambient Monitoring
  • Environmental Surveys
  • Fenceline Monitoring
  • The Met One MSO delivers the following measurements all in one package:
    • Wind speed
    • Wind direction
    • Air temperature
    • Relative humidity (RH)
    • Barometric pressure